Many years ago when nothing else was working, I went to see a shaman. it completely changed my life.


In traditional therapy at the time, I was frustrated by a lack of progress and wanted to try something different. That single session with a shamanic practitioner accomplished in one hour what I'd only dreamed of accomplishing in three years of talk therapy.  It also lit a fire in my heart which has led me to where I am today.

What first started as a personal spiritual practice has become a professional calling, one with depth and dimensions an earlier version of myself could not have dreamed possible.

People who know me well know of my particular love of finding people's spark, their potential for greatness, and my penchant for fanning that spark into flame. Previously I did this as a marketer and resume writer; now I am bringing a whole other dimension—literally—with shamanic tools and practices. I am, in effect, a shamanic marketer and cosmic talent agent who brings your brilliance to light.

What this means is that—in addition to my traditional marketing sensibilities—I use intuitive knowing and a touch of magic to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.  As that gap can feel daunting, I help you understand the bigger picture when you're struggling with the challenges of the particular moment, and through a combination of shamanic and psychological tools, facilitate cognitive leaps to push you beyond your comfort zone into a more glorious unfolding of yourself.

I help you remember your star power so you can shine as brightly as the cosmic stuff that made you.

It's something that thrills me to say aloud, because it affirms the belief many of us had in childhood that magic is real, and transformation is possible. It's a belief that, like many of us, I'd let go of as an adult. It is truly wondrous to welcome it back into my life. 

I am honored to hold a BA in Latin American Studies from Carleton College and an MBA in Sustainable Management from Bainbridge Graduate Institute.  I am also honored to have been a graduate of the Rockwood Leadership Institute with Robert Gass.  As a shamanic practitioner, I began my spiritual and shamanic studies in 2000 with Isa Gucciardi (Michael Harner tradition) in San Francisco. I then completed a two-year apprenticeship program with Dory Cote in 2007 (Maine, student of Sandra Ingerman) and more recently have studied with Char Sundust (Seattle, 2016) and Betsy Bergstrom (Seattle, 2016), and was mentored by Suzanne Connolly (LA/NYC/Dublin, 2017).