Welcome to 2017! As a shamanic practitioner, I like to ritualize ushering out the old and welcoming in the new, and what better time to do that than the new year. 

Part that ritual includes reviewing the past year to determine what worked and what didn't...and what needs to change.

Until recently — really, just this past year — there were patterns in my life that I honestly thought I'd never be able to change; blockages that, no matter how clear I was with my intention-setting, never seemed to go away. Yes, I was relentlessly blocked in certain areas of my life, and feeling rather hopeless about it...until I started down the shamanic path of curse unraveling, past life journeying, and ultimately, compassionate depossession.

Now, before you get out your protective amulet and smudge at me with some Devil-Be-Gone herbs, hear me out! I know the words "curse" and "depossession" can be scary to folks — both of those terms scared the living bejesus out of me before I started this work. I was a practitioner of the love and light variety of shamanic healing, and preferred not to think about any darker possibilities when working in the spirit realm. I came to practice curse unraveling and depossession out of sheer necessity, because nothing else was working (a story for another time). 

But friends, here's the rub: the moment I set foot into this work, it felt like coming home. All my fear went away, everything was familiar...and I knew, with every fiber of my being, that I had been doing this work for lifetimes. 

So there you go, that's my personal pitch. Now to unwrap the other packages...let's start with curse unraveling.

What is a curse, you ask? Well, curses are very common, actually: put a human, some personal power and a strong negative emotion together, and chances are you'll get a curse out of it (if you've ever witnessed — or experienced — road rage, you know what I'm talking about). Along those lines: a curse can be as simple as an epithet hurled at a stranger, or as convoluted as an intricately hidden spell cast by someone well-trained in magic. They can be personal (affecting just you), ancestral (affecting your entire lineage) or societal (affecting a large group of people who are not connected by blood). They can also be cast by you, on yourself, from a past life-! And finally: they can be either unintentional or intentional, with intended or unintended recipients and consequences. If you think this sounds messy, well, welcome to humanity.

If you're a shamanic practitioner in this lifetime, chances are this isn't your first rodeo. Which means, guess what? You've likely created a few curses of your own in past lives...and possibly in this one.

But here's the good news: curses can be unraveled. In fact, if you're looking for a clean slate for the new year, a veritable tabula rasa, cleaning up your own past magical messes is the best place to start. And once you've started cleaning up your own messes, well, that's when the Universe starts opening doors to possibilities you've never dreamed of.

Okay, now for the big D: Depossession. If you're thinking, OMG DEMONS! DARKNESS! ARMAGEDDON! ...well, sorry, you've got the wrong idea. Yes, those types of possessions do happen (we all know The Exorcist), but the fact is, spirit possession — that is, a spirit co-inhabiting the same energetic space as a living human — is quite common, with the grand majority of possessing spirits being human themselves. 

Now why, oh why would a spirit take up residence in a human, you ask? Many reasons, it turns out. By way of example, here are a few common scenarios: 

  1. If the spirit is unaware that it is deceased, it may simply think it's still alive, and unconsciously merge with a human spirit that it is in close proximity to (a living spouse, son or daughter, or the new inhabitants of the house it used to live in).
  2. It may have unfinished business on earth, or feel that it needs to watch over or protect a loved one.
  3. It may be afraid that it can't cross over "into the light", and mistakenly believes it is going somewhere where it will "pay for its sins".
  4. If the spirit is of a darker nature, it may be seeking someone to control or agitate.
  5. It has learning to complete, attachments to release, issues to resolve...and is waiting for the help of a skilled practitioner to help it detach from the material plane and cross over.

Now, if any of the above makes you a bit nervous, here's the great news: spirit possession is very fixable in ways that are kind, gentle and compassionate to both the person housing the spirit as well as the spirit itself. In fact, I like to think of spirit depossession as working with multiple clients: the living human who solicits my services, and the spirit (or spirits) who need help letting go of their attachments to complete their cosmic cycle. If that sounds like spirit therapy...well, it's because it is, really.

Depossession is incredibly moving. Watching a soul let go and cross over...well, every time, it reminds me that there is light in every being, no matter how dark it appears to be. There is redemption for every single one of us.

And that, dear reader, is why I love my work.

If this post has gotten you interested in curse removal and/or depossession, check out the classes Dory and I will be teaching the first two weekends of February at The Barn in Topsham, Maine. Compassionate Depossession is Feb 3- (three full days), and Curse Unravelling is Feb 10-12 (Friday is an evening class). We'd love to see you there -- please feel free to reach out with questions.

Blessings to all beings!