If you think that haunted houses only happen in movies and TV, think again! 

Apparently, 35% of home owners think they live in a haunted house...and more than 50% of all potential home owners would consider buying a haunted house! Hauntings also aren't necessarily a bad thing—some people report feeling a presence in their house that is welcoming, playful or neutral, not at all off-putting or hostile. 

If you've ever seen The Sixth Sense, you know that many times after people die, they have no idea that they've passed on—so they continue on as though they are still alive! While this can be benign, it can also be troubling and disruptive to the current inhabitants of the house or space.

If you've ever had a bad fight or a passionate embrace, you know how big energy feels! When we have strong emotions in a physical place, sometimes that energy can be "imprinted" on the location, causing the space to generate similar instances of the scene that created the imprint. Indeed, former inhabitants (both living and deceased) can also leave a very strong energetic footprint in the space they formerly occupied. 

Clearing a space of prior energy—or prior (deceased) residents!—is a beautiful, loving and tender ceremony...not at all like Hollywood-depicted exorcisms and ghost-provoking antics from various realty shows. For an on-location cleansing, I (and other shamanic practitioners, depending on the size of the house) perform a space blessing with incense (a mixture of frankincense and dragon's blood), candles, flowers, spirit offerings (food and beverages), prayer and intention-setting. If there are spirits to be communicated with, usually this will be done in advance of coming to the space, so as that I can get a sense of who they are and what they want.

If this sounds like something you'd like in your home, office, rehearsal space or outdoor area, please give me a shout to let me know what you're dealing with.