The concept of possession is a scary one for many people.  

Given people's common perception of possession as a condition that can only be cured by exorcism (the forcible removal of a spirit or entity who is possessing a human body), this fear is quite understandable! Popular culture (moviesbooksTV) adds fuel to the flame by portraying exorcism as a violent act, pitting priest or practitioner against dark forces, demons, or even the Devil himself. 

However! Possession — that is, the presence of a spirit who is cohoused in a living human's body — is an incredibly common occurrence, often happening with individuals who have no clue that they are sharing space with a spirit. 

Prior to discussing why a spirit might choose to take up residence in a human, here are a few fun facts about spirits:

  1. Spirits of all varieties (human and non-human) co-inhabit the earth alongside living beings. 
  2. Spirits require energy to exist on this plane, and a natural source of energy is, well, humans and animals.
  3. Spirits stay on this plane because they are attached to something here, be it a person, a place, or a situation they have unresolved feelings about. 
  4. Often spirits don't even realize they are dead! They think they're just going about their daily lives, wondering why things seem a bit off (The Sixth Sense portrays this phenomenon very accurately).

Now, with that under our collective belt, we can get more into why a spirit might choose to take up residence in a living human's body:

  1. Spirit possession—also known as "overshadowing"—is a two-way street; that is, a part of the person who is co-housing the spirit has to have consented, at either a conscious or unconscious level, to the spirit being there.
  2. If the spirit is aware that it's deceased:
    • It is consciously seeking an energy source.
    • It may have unfinished business on earth, or feel that it needs to watch over or protect a loved one.
    • It may be afraid that it can't cross over "into the light", and mistakenly believes it is going somewhere where it will "pay for its sins".
    • If the spirit is of a darker nature, it may be seeking someone to control or agitate. 
  3. If the spirit is unaware that it is deceased, it may simply think it's still alive, and unconsciously merge with a human spirit that it is in close proximity to (a living spouse, son or daughter, or the new inhabitants of the house it used to live in).

Now, if any of the above makes you a bit nervous, here's the great news: spirit possession is very fixable in ways that are kind, gentle and compassionate to both the person housing the spirit as well as the spirit itself.

If you're wondering if you are sharing space with a spirit, here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you find yourself having a lot of "negative self talk", that is, talking yourself down frequently, or criticizing yourself a lot?
  • Do you feel a particular discomfort in your body when reading this article, in particular either your stomach area or your neck and shoulders?
  • Do you feel that you change preference or personas on a regular basis?
  • Are you depressed, manic or excessively anxious?
  • Can you think of situations in your life when you feel like "something came over me" that didn't feel like you?
  • Have other people told you that you're "not acting like yourself"?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you might be sharing your physical space with a spirit that is not your own. To find out more, you can schedule a diagnostic session with Carrie.