While the word "curse" sends a shiver up most people's spine, the truth is that cursing is a very human phenomenon and has been around for as long as humans have walked the earth. 

A curse can take on many forms, and can be unintentional...like when you're hurling epithets at a fellow driver in terrible traffic, or when a parent's thinking assists in limiting their child's career opportunities to jobs the parent wants them to have.

Of course, they can also be intentional, and are caused by the most human emotions: a jilted ex who, due to heartbreak and jealousy, wants to make you suffer as they have; a coworker who is envious of your profession success; a neighbor who doesn't like that you dog poops on their lawn...the list goes on. Wherever there is strong human emotion involved, combine that with power and intention, and boom! you've got yourself a curse.

Curses can also be ancestral (affecting one or more generations of a given family), individual (affecting just one person), collective (affecting many people who are not related), or even personal (when you cast it upon yourself, either in this life or a past one).  They can also be hidden (when the person who cast it doesn't want you to know it's there).

Curses can also be incredibly creative. It's amazing what the human mind can dream up as a means of interfering with someone else's life! It's one of the reasons I like unraveling them, actually—not only does it feel like doing the world a service (removing negative energies always benefits the greater good), curses can also be just so interesting! Human intrigue, drama, complicated twists and turns, multiple players with various intentions...it's like solving a crime of magical proportions, and the sky's the limit for possibilities. I am always surprised by what I find hidden away in a curse.

Because of all the inputs, diagnosing a curse is always interesting as well. I work primarily with the Tarot to do so (spirit has a few choice cards that reveal the presence of a curse), though sometimes the curse energy is so strong, I can sense it immediately, so I'll go right into a journey to see all the components: who's doing the cursing, what the curse is about, what and whom it is affecting, and what energies are fueling it. This last bit is particularly important as curses are considered to be magically living things, which means they need to feed off something to stay alive.

Generally speaking, that "something" is energy, but where it comes from is where curses get creative. Sometimes it's your own life force, as well as the life force of the curser; sometimes it's something pertaining to the intention of the curse itself (for a curse intended to harm your love life, for example, jealousy and heartbreak would be likely fuels). Sometimes a curse is fueled by a spirit who has been "bound into" the curse, usually against their will (a sticky business, that...and a whole other topic for another time).

If you've been striving to accomplish something in love, life, health or work where all of your efforts seem to be continuously and unreasonably thwarted, it is quite possible that you are the recipient of a curse. In some cases, illnesses (hereditary, long-term or sudden onset) can also be the result of a curse or active spellwork.

If you think a curse is plaguing you or your family, please book a diagnostic appointment with me to find out more about the underlying issues.