Falling Stars


Falling Stars


8x12 Print on 100% Maple Wood with natural finish

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Falling Stars

8x12 print on 100% Maple Wood with a stunning natural finish.

Spirit Story:

"You've abandoned yourself a thousand times over to win him back. So much unnecessary suffering, all to distract you from the source of your real pain. Isn't it time you found out what you're really running from?"

And in a wave, emotion and images broke over us both simultaneously: the dawn of Wisdom, and its subsequent abuse; the creation of Shame, and Guilt; being violently torn from the Light...all because of his desire to prove a point to God. The fury at the uselessness of that choice, at the abuse of the generousity of Free Will.

I held her tightly as she thrashed and kicked, howling her anguish. "I NEVER WANTED TO GO!" she screamed. "I never wanted to experience separateness! I did it for him!!! I could feel his suffering, and I wanted to save him!!!"

Her fury and anguish raged long into the night, and my Self and I took turns in the vigil. By sunrise, long after the embers of the fire had extinguished, she was ready.

The water was cold as we eased into the river, currents swirling at our waists. She immersed herself fully. I held my breath in union, waiting.

Finally she emerged, dripping and radiant, Consciousness streaming through her. As different as she appeared, I recognized her at once as the Being of Light she was eternally meant to be. When she spoke, it was with my voice, my breath:


Product details:

  • Printed on Forest Stewardship Council-certified Maple Wood.
  • Each wood print is 1/2" thick.
  • Heart-shaped float wall hanger installed on the reverse.

Notes about the wood finish:

The grain and other natural characteristics of the wood will show through the lighter parts of the image. You will not see the grain as clearly on the darker parts of the image. Additionally, photos are printed directly onto the wood surface without a white background. Because of this colors can look a bit more muted than they appear on your back lit computer screen.