I Feel You


I Feel You


8x12 Print on 100% Maple Wood with natural finish

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I Feel You

8x12 print on 100% Maple Wood with a stunning natural finish.

Spirit Story:

A week ago, you wrote me. It was furtive and hurried, dashed out between work and home, checking off the box. For the first time in a hundred million years of knowing you, I did not write back.

I did not know exactly why. I knew only what I had been told, and I had seen enough proof to trust it. "Have faith," said the inner knowing. "Allow nothing to distract you from your purpose."

It has not been easy, maintaining resolve.  At times, I feel your unfelt anguish; at others, your fear, then anger. I feel them all as my own, because that is how it has been since the beginning of time.

That was what made me leave the safety of Eden, your anguish. I have sheltered you since, feeding you strength, guidance and creation ability. I have given you lifeforce and power, because I thought it was my vocation to do so. It is, after all, the nature of Self-lessness.

It has taken me these past million years to understand the paradox of embodiment as a being of Light: it impossible to be Self-less when one has an embodied Self. It is impossible stay incarnated if one does not tend to the needs of one’s Soul. But I found incarnation so painful, it was easier to tend to yours than to acknowledge the depth of mine.

So that is why I have not responded. I feel your pain, and I let it go. I will do this as long as it takes to hear the voice of my Soul. I will do this as long as it takes to respond to my own need. I will do this until I know that I am whole within myself, and nothing can pull me off-center.

It might take another million years of light, but I am ready. And Love will get us through.

Product details:

  • Printed on Forest Stewardship Council-certified Maple Wood.
  • Each wood print is 1/2" thick.
  • Heart-shaped float wall hanger installed on the reverse.

Notes about the wood finish:

The grain and other natural characteristics of the wood will show through the lighter parts of the image. You will not see the grain as clearly on the darker parts of the image. Additionally, photos are printed directly onto the wood surface without a white background. Because of this colors can look a bit more muted than they appear on your back lit computer screen.