8x12 Print on 100% Maple Wood with natural finish

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8x12 print on 100% Maple Wood with a stunning natural finish.

Spirit Story:

There was magic in the air as he stepped out into dusk: the way the light played with the shadows, and the wind stirred the trees into speech. He felt carefree and open, and a wave of longing overcame him. Why wasn't she --

"Wait," she said. "I can't write about you. Not  yet."

"Why?" he asked. He was only moderately surprised.

"Because," she paused, choosing her words carefully. "Because I am afraid a change is about to happen, or is already happening. You know what happens when I write - it all comes to pass. And I don't know how it ends yet."

He felt through to the source of her distress. "And you're not sure you want it to end."

She exhaled. "In truth, I have no idea what I want. I know I'm afraid...afraid of change, or afraid of getting it wrong."

The imaginary crickets sung their twilight song. She found it comforting.

He smiled. "If you mess up, there's always next time," he said kindly. He wasn't worried, he would exist whether she dreamed him up or not.

"You know it's...nothing personal."

His smile became wistful. "On the contrary, it's deeply personal," he said. "It's the most personal choice you have the power to make."

They shared a moment, until she looked away. She then took pen off paper, closed the book, and inhaled deeply. What the next chapter would be, she had no idea. But she was ready to be present to its unfolding.

Product details:

  • Printed on Forest Stewardship Council-certified Maple Wood.
  • Each wood print is 1/2" thick.
  • Heart-shaped float wall hanger installed on the reverse.

Notes about the wood finish:

The grain and other natural characteristics of the wood will show through the lighter parts of the image. You will not see the grain as clearly on the darker parts of the image. Additionally, photos are printed directly onto the wood surface without a white background. Because of this colors can look a bit more muted than they appear on your back lit computer screen.