Recently a long-time client of mine reached out for some job advice and requested a tarot reading. She'd been frustrated by a series of interactions with her boss and her boss's extended family (it's a family business), feeling she was unable to escape their family drama, no matter how much she tried to set boundaries. I asked Spirit what the real purpose of the drama was, as well as how she could — in her words — "be rid of it forever". Well, Spirit delivered advice that was so universal, I was compelled to share it with a broader audience (anonymized, of course).

If you've ever been unhappy in your job, yearning for a career that aligns you with fulfillment and purpose, this is a message for you.


"You may be surprised to hear this, but that job is way too small for you. This situation? It's simply a means of showing you how you've outgrown this job. You've been giving away too much of your energy and power to others in hopes that they'll approve of you, or better yer, show you direction. But the truth is, you already know what you love doing -- you don't need others to tell you. You are simply afraid of the responsibility of calling all the shots yourself, of owning your own vision and passion.

"In terms of the players, and how they're treating you, here's another way of looking at them: consider them all to be members of your cosmic support team, divinely appointed teachers who are holding mirrors up to you, showing you the places you doubt and undermine yourself and your own abilities. Because you are manifesting outside of you what you believe on the inside of you. Change what you believe, and your outer world will change too.

"You are a powerful human, a magical human, someone who can create whatever you want, so long as you set a conscious intention to do so. You have to make up your mind to leave, which means saying no to your fears as well as to other people's limiting vision of you. You are your own creator, and life is yours to create. Do not waste any time in deliberating or delaying out of fear that you are not worthy of receiving abundance through meaningful work: you are worthy, you are powerful, you are magic.

"How to move away from them/this job forever? Follow the path you are already on: set the intention that you are not living out others' dreams anymore, but you are in service to your own destiny. Set your intention to start your business, and ask the Universe to transform all blocks and obstacles into allies and helpers. Stay open to signs, notice where doors are opening (as well as closing). Where there is a closed door, realign yourself with your intention and purpose, and ask the Universe to show you the way.

"Also: pay attention to the negative thoughts in your head -- they are powerful, but not as powerful as your own intention. You can choose to give them life, or you can choose to give life to light, joy and positivity. Choose bliss over small-mindedness, joy over fear, decision over indecision. The most important thing is to actively choose, as a lack of decision leads to things being chosen for you by forces that do not have your highest good in mind.

"The long and short: you are being asked to commit to yourself. Do this, all that follows will open doors you only dreamed were possible. Choose yourself and become the God/dess of your own Universe."

My client was thrilled, as — while it was not what she was expecting — this was the feedback she had only dared to dream. May this advice find resonance within you, too. We have only have one life...well, in this lifetime, in any case. Don't be afraid to use it to the fullest extent. Dare to find out what you're made of, and the Universe will rise to meet you.