Recently, I've been experimenting with the transformative power of love in my work and relationships.

So yesterday, when I awoke feeling stressed and anxious about the usual mundane concerns of modern living, I set an intention to love as strongly and deeply as I could throughout the day.

I will admit that I struggled with this, as - not surprisingly - the universe threw me some curve balls. But, just before sleep, I prayed for help to manifest love in these particularly challenging areas. I slept more deeply than I have in ages, and when I awoke, an email with the subject: "Just One Thing: Love" showed up in my inbox, bearing the following story. I watched the video, and it moved me to joyful tears. And the struggles of yesterday were completely transformed.

The Story:

Earlier this year, the Stanford Center for Cognitive Neurobiological Imaging ran the world's first "love competition". The challenge: to love as hard as you can for 5 minutes while an fMRI - an MRI machine capable of detecting strong emotions like joy, rage, love and hate - scans your brain.

The results are incredible, a deeply moving testimonial to the transformative capacity of love.

Please take the 15 minutes to watch this beautifully filmed documentary of the experiment and the results. It will completely change your day.