The following post is born of a vision I had in meditation on Summer Solstice, following the horrifying actions taken by ICE and corresponding authorities this month. If you are moved to, I would be grateful if you were to share its contents and message, as together, we can create the collective reality in which we wish to live.

On this Summer Solstice, when manifestation energy is ripe for the asking, we have the power to radically reshape our realities. Not just our individual reality, but also the collective one.

As such, if you feel the pain of the immigrant families whose children have been torn from them, rather than focusing on that pain and suffering, hold in your mind a clear and luminous picture of the children being reunited with their families. Sit with this image, develop it in your mind as though it is already happening, and feel the joy each child, mother and father are feeling to find each other anew.

If we do this together, over and over, continuously replacing our own fear and anger and grief with this joyful image of reunification, we can bring this into being. Positive visualization and feeling joy for the desired outcome is the most powerful magic we can wend at this incredibly potent time.

If you try this even once, you are contributing to the Light in the world.

May peace be with all beings. So mote it be.