It has been a long interval since my last blog post! As a marketer, I feel chagrined for this (consistent communication is key when conveying one's message); but as a healer, it has been necessary, for I have been deeply listening to the calling of my Soul.

A Soul Calling can take on any number of forms: when you are heeding it, it feels like joy, bliss, or being "in the flow". If you are resisting it, it can manifest as any number of challenges (restlessness, dissatisfaction, boredom, depression, anxiety, and physical illness, to name a few). Listening to the Soul can be a tricky process, however, as the Soul speaks through somatic and intuitive awareness, synchronicity and meaningful coincidences, rather than through the rational mind. And sometimes it takes a bit of legwork to clear away the distractions and conditioning that prevents us from recognizing what truly brings us joy.

When I came out as a shamanic healer, I had no idea what the ramifications would be, but I knew I had to follow where it led. Since then, I have come to understand that the true path my Soul desired was one of personal healing, for only in healing my Self could I then truly be in service to others. And so, through a process of somatic remembering, I have been slowly integrating parts of my Self that I had apparently lost...not in this life, but many (many!) lifetimes ago.

While necessary for healing, the remembrance of forgotten trauma (whether in this life or past ones) can feel very threatening to the rational mind. To move unprocessed emotions out of the body, one must actually feel that trauma and let it go. Because the rational mind takes its job of protecting your physical body very seriously, it creates distractions to prevent this from happening (some of which can be quite pleasurable, others self-destructive), as it cannot distinguish between past and present when it comes to big emotions.

[Pro Tip: to know if any given activity is serving as a mental distraction – rather than in service to your Soul calling – check in with your body: if you feel anxious, restless or unfulfilled (during or afterwards), chances are it is a distraction, and your mind is trying to keep your body from re-experiencing the forgotten trauma.]


So how does one hear one's Soul calling? It's pretty simple, actually.

  1. Set an intention to learn your Soul's calling -- this is an incredibly powerful step. It can be as easy as saying aloud: "I intend to discover my Soul calling"...but you have to mean it.

  2. Now start listening!  Heed your hunches, intuitions, gut feelings and synchronicities...and follow them no matter where they take you. Remember that sometimes you need to clear things away before you can really step into your bliss, so your instincts may bring you to challenges you need to face in order to free yourself up for real joy.

  3. Pay attention to what thoughts or activities foster dissatisfaction, restlessness, anxiety or boredom...and do less of them.

  4. Pay attention to what thoughts or activities bring you joy, bliss and fulfillment...and do more of them.

  5. Commit to being a Creator -- that is, actively creating the life you've always dreamed of living. This may well entail something you thought you could never be (a college graduate; a successful artist; a figure skater; a gigging musician; an entrepreneur; a florist..etc.) – whatever dream you stashed away, believing it was unattainable, now is the time to pursue it! 

  6. No matter what anyone tells you (and no matter what you tell yourself, for that matter), this is not a selfish pursuit! By pursuing what you love – what truly gives you joy – you create more love and joy around you. In doing so, you elevate those around you, giving them permission to pursue their joy too. And wouldn't you say the world could use a lot more love and joy right now? 

To that end: I recently went on a trip to Spirit-led Ireland that completely changed my beliefs and trajectory, and am now working on my first serious writing project: a Sacred Sites Travel book series! I’ll be developing a blog to this end, so please stay tuned for more Spirited adventures…in travel!