Location: Doe Bay Resort, Orcas Island, WA

Date: Saturday, May 5th

Cost: Free and Open to the Public

Registration: Open

Join us for an afternoon of sound-induced relaxation and healing at beautiful Doe Bay Resort and Spa


Shamanic sound baths are designed to connect us more deeply to self and spirit by bringing the audio-sensory experience of the natural world to the city: a bubbling brook dappled with sunlight; an owl's cry as it swooshes overhead; the sound of rain on leaves in a dense forest; the rush of reeds blowing in the wind. Carrie Bancroft, Seattle-based shamanic coach and healer, uses natural instruments, rhythmic drumming, singing and guided meditation to transport you to the restorative beauty of the natural world and beyond. 

how do i reserve a TAROT READING?

While at Doe Bay (May 4-6), Carrie will also be offering $25 Tarot readings (20 minutes) to Orcas locals and guests of Doe Bay. Slots are limited, so booking a session in advance is recommended. To book a session in advance, please contact Carrie for available openings.


Doe Bay Resort is an overnight resort destination, an icon of the Pacific Northwest with its rugged, beautiful coastline and salt-water tubs overlooking a scenic bay teaming with wildlife. Housing accommodations are rustic and charming (with deer freely roaming in every direction!), and food at the cafe is amongst the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer. You can come for an overnight experience or simply visit for the day (the cafe is open on the weekends, and day passes for the spa are $15).