The Healing that Comes from Remembering

Three months ago, I was compelled to buy a $330 RT ticket from Seattle  to Ireland. At the time, I had no idea why, but knew enough to know that if I didn’t, I would be shirking an inner calling. Getting on the plane, I had $200 to my name, but Spirit told me to go, and to trust that all would arrive as was needed. So I did. By the Grace of God/dess, by the time I’d landed, that $200 had multiplied in my bank account, enough to cover rental car insurance and wonderful place to stay for the night. The following day, that sum was quadrupled, enough to pay all bills for the next month and have a very comfortable journey in the beautiful land of Eíre. Suffice to say, I was — and still am! — amazed and unbelievably grateful.

In addition to trusting Spirit would provide the funds for me to travel throughout the country, I was also informed that Spirit would be my travel guide. I was to make no plans in advance, but go where I was called –- and I would know in the moment I needed to know it. This was both relieving – planning the perfect trip can be so stressful! – and, initially, anxiety-provoking. But after Day 3, I had complete faith in the process, and it was a joy and a pleasure to have Spirit guide the way, bringing me to places I could not have known would move or inspire me, introducing me to people who held knowledge I needed, and to information that fueled my path forward.

Additional knowledge arrived on my journey, which came from the stones themselves in the sacred sites I visited. I would find myself called to a specific place, and in meditating at the site, I would receive a “gift”: downloaded messages, recovered memories of ceremonies performed, the meanings of the symbols painted on the stones, a clue as to the next site I should visit. I was often then instructed on how to reconnect the stones to the earth’s energy grid, as the stones themselves were in need of healing.

As the days passed, the stories wove themselves together with more coherence, until I had an incredibly intimate perspective on the ancient rites and rituals of the Celts and their magical ancestors, the Túatha Dé Dannan. These stories felt intensely personal, so much so that I realized I was remembering part of my own ancient past. I also slowly became aware that, in performing the grid work as instructed by the stones, that I was unraveling magic that had traumatized many generations of humans as well as the Earth Herself.

I continue to do this healing work, presently in the United States, with the intention of visiting as many global sacred sites as I can within the next 12 months. If you feel called to support this project, either in sponsoring me to come to a site near you, in donating funds, or in suggesting sacred places in need of healing, please reach out!

I invoke Universal Energies to magnetize all that I need to bring this Divine Calling into Being, and I give myself over to Divine Guidance to allow this project to unfold in right timing and order, for the greatest possible good.

I wish you and your loved ones blessings of health and abundance. Thank you for your generosity, faith and support.