I recently had the pleasure of working with my former mentor / teacher, now good friend and colleague Dory Cote to create the first in what promises to be a long list of online course offerings. Dory is in her 70's, and is one of the most prolific healers I know! Not only does she teach almost every weekend – flying all over the country to deliver profound workshops on soul retrieval, ancestral healing and other shamanic practices, she also creates fantastic content for me (I'm her shamanic marketer) in the form of a monthly blog and podcast. And now she's creating online courses!

When Dory came to me a year or so ago, she said she was wanting to move more of her courses online so that she wouldn't have to travel so much to teach. After some mutual musings about format and online structure, and a year in percolation, we finally launched the her first online program, Practicing Modern Shamanism.  The course consists of 7 classes with video teachings, audio meditations and downloadable support files. It was truly a delight to co-create with Dory, both as she gives me full creative license and trusts me to deliver above and beyond what she'd envisioned, and also just creates great content! 

Her course is available on a sliding scale, so if you like what you see here, we'd both be delighted if you were to give it a try. Dory's a fantastic teacher, very charismatic and engaging with a deep knowledge of shamanism, so you will be sure to enjoy it!