Stories of the Spirits

Words set up atmosphere, electrical fields, charges. I’ve felt them doing it. Words conjure.
— Toni Cade Bambara

Not long ago, I found myself in need of an outlet to regularly process the daily dose of strange that happens in my work. As the realm of spirit is one rich with allegory and invention —  ample creative fodder for any writer — it seemed fitting to catalog my daily encounters in narrative format.

At the time, I was following a dear (and very magical) friend's genius Instagram novella, and realized the potential for the medium.  As such, I started documenting metaphysical moments through Instagram posts, attempting to convey the bizarre and whimsical nature of the elements in play in a way that was, if not believable, at least relatable.

As I progressed, new information would come to me while writing, details that seemed in the moment to be mere creative expansiveness, but later would prove eerily prescient. It took months before I saw a pattern emerging, and realized what was happening: spirit was actively collaborating with me. I was channeling stories from spirits.

Since that revelation, I am conscious in my cultivation of these spirit narratives, as they are providing a 2-way street for healing. For me, I am able to process situations and events that my rational brain struggles to keep up with; for the spirits, they are able to have a voice in the material realm. Because, truth be told, all everyone really wants is to be heard...especially those who don't have a voice (literally).

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