Clear your blocks. Reclaim your star power.

Have your ever felt limited by things you have no control over? Do you sometimes feel thwarted by outside circumstances? Have you ever felt like you're not getting any closer to your goal, no matter how hard you try?

In shamanic healing sessions, I use intuitive knowing and a touch of magic to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.  As that gap can feel daunting, I help you understand the bigger picture when you're struggling with the challenges of the particular moment, and through a combination of shamanic, spiritual and psychological tools, facilitate cognitive leaps to push you beyond your comfort zone into a more glorious unfolding of yourself.

What to Expect in a Session

All healing sessions are conducted online on your choice of Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime, with phone as a last-resort option.  In each session, we discuss what issues you'd like help with, as well as what goals you have for our time together. We then work with a number of tools (coaching, Tarot consultations, Spirit inputs), and if called for, I will guide you in a meditation that will help ground, center and relax you. Through this light trance experience, my Guides and I are able to help you make the cognitive shifts and energetic releases you need to move through blocks and realign with your true self.  In closing, we review what we've accomplished in the session. I also send a written summary of our work together via email after the session, and often will include "homework" should you wish to engage with it.

Coaching / Healing Session Options

1 Hour: $90
1.5 Hours: $125
2 Hours: $175


What People Are Saying About Healing Sessions with Carrie

I asked Carrie to help me get out of my own way in my business. What I didn’t expect was how fast this would all work for me. Since then I got a 40% raise, bought my dream car, got a check for $26,705, got offered a radio show and have been talking to folks about a Congressional run THIS YEAR. It’s been two months since my session with Carrie, I still can’t believed all the BIG dreams I had for myself are happening so fast.  Time for bigger dreams!

Once I re-read her vision for me, it was all there. I am just amazed, grateful and honored that she helped me so much. 
— Mona (Client)
Since he was a baby, my son has had a very active dream life, and in times of stress, has had night terrors. In those moments, it’s truly a terrifying experience for everyone involved as he screams and cries in his sleep, and appears awake but isn’t. 

Carrie gave us a series of rituals to perform at bedtime that would help our son feel safe and protected. She also gave our son a flying squirrel as “an animal friend” who “looks after him at night”. We got him a stuffed flying squirrel; he loves it and sleeps with it every night, and he hasn’t had a night terror since.
— Anonymous Parent (Client)
I started working with Carrie in January following a diagnosis of cancer. Carrie discovered that my spirit animal is a Red Fox. The feedback Carrie gave me from the Fox was similar to what my doctors were saying.  Fox said get outside more; Fox said be positive (playful); both of which my doctors were saying too. Most importantly, I developed a serious infection; Carrie worked on that while I was in the hospital.  It’s hard to say what role Carrie and my Fox played in my recovery; however my infection has cleared up.   I do not doubt the value of being open-minded to different approaches to healing.
— Jessica (Client)
I reached out to Carrie in an attempt to gain insight into a very perplexing development in my personal life. The imagery that she came back with was eerily accurate with details I had not revealed to her regarding a significant past trauma. She was able to tap into the core wound of my soul and psyche without any prompts from me to help conceptualize a new interpretation of how to transmute present and past trauma into an empowering healing trajectory.
— Mauri (Client)
I consulted Carrie when I was feeling stuck in a relationship rut I really wanted out of. It wasn’t just that I was with the wrong person, but that I was repeating old patterns that I knew no longer served me.

Carrie helped me shake loose of these chains. Her artful use of imagery resonated with me, and she encouraged a meditation practice that helped bolster my transition to a more healthy and happy way of being. I feel more comfortable standing up for myself, more powerful, and more at peace. 
— Hanna (Client)
I came to Carrie when frustrated with lack of traction in my treatment for an auto-immune disease. Carrie did some powerful work and put me in touch with my spirit animal, who I later curiously found out was identical to my family crest, a unicorn! Following Carrie’s instructions I was able to invite my soul back into my body and ‘coincidentally’ I rapidly healed. I was one small step away from having to take a dangerous medicine that would have had major side effects. I truly believe that some diseases like mine are caused by a spiritual disconnect and I’m super glad I decided to work with Carrie.
— Peter (Client)