Let others see the star that you are. 

My particular gift is to see your spark, your potential for greatness, and to help you fan that spark into a flame. As such, I combine my background in marketing (brand creation/development, web design, email campaigns, webinar production, copywriting/editing, business cards, etc) with my skills as a shamanic healer. For a long time, I had firm boundaries between each, but in recent months have come to realize that my true strength lie in allowing both to support each other. As such, I've been doing more and more "shamanic marketing", that is, getting an energetic sense of my marketing clients, and allowing that energy to flow through the work. 

The following is a sample of my work in several marketing categories. If you don't see the service you're looking for, please contact me as it's likely one that I offer.  If you're interested in case studies, please see my Stories of Magical Marketing blog.




I love to create elegant and beautiful websites that help you—healers, artists, small businesses and nonprofits—communicate your mission and services with clear language and inspiring visuals that deeply resonate with your audience.




Another favorite thing of mine is crafting artfully rendered marketing emails readers look forward to.  From newsletters to upcoming events, blog posts to promotions, I design emails that your audience will open, read and respond to.


online classes / webinars

If you've got a teaching to communicate to the world, I can help you do it in a way that lets you focus on the content, not the technology.  From slide deck design to online class and webinar planning and production, I can help give you the teaching platform you need to reach an online audience.