Sounds to Reconnect to the Self

Though we are of the natural world, we are often disconnected from it. Shamanic Sound Baths can help to restore us to our natural power.

Our bodies benefit from being immersed in the natural world.  In modern culture, however, many of us are in jobs and living situations that separate us from nature. While we may be outwardly acculturated to the bustling pace of urban life, we unconsciously long to be immersed in the deep stillness of remote places. This stillness helps bring us home to ourselves.

Shamanic sound baths are designed to connect us more deeply to self and spirit by bringing the audio-sensory experience of the natural world to the city: a bubbling brook dappled with sunlight; an owl's cry as it swooshes overhead; the sound of rain on leaves in a dense forest; the rush of reeds blowing in the wind. Carrie uses natural instruments, rhythmic drumming, singing and guided meditation to transport you to the restorative beauty of the natural world and beyond.

These sessions are designed for groups of 10 or more and are tailored to fit the space and preference of a given facility or audience. Cost is per person on a sliding scale, with range dependent upon the facility and group.