Looking for a novel way to spice up your social gathering?

I do Tarot parties! I will happily come to any social gathering, Tarot deck (and other magical items) in-hand, to do one-on-one readings for your guests.  It's one of my favorite ways to meet new people and have interesting conversations. It also brings more love and healing into the world...as well as into your party!

How it Works

You plan a party — be it a dinner party, birthday party, arts & crafts night,  drinks with friends — and let your guests know that Tarot readings will be available.  You can either have individuals pay for their own readings, or you can book me by the hour. Readings are best done in a semi-private area where guests can see but not overhear others' sessions.

What it costs

  • Individual readings are $25 for a short session (15 min), $60 for a long one (45 min), with a minimum of 5 readings per party.
  • If you'd prefer to hire me by the hour, my hourly rate is $75.
  • I charge a travel cost of $35/hour, payable at the time of booking.
  • I also charge a non-refundable booking fee of $50.

What People are Saying About Carrie's Tarot Parties & Readings

I invited Carrie to do readings at a ladies brunch at my house. Several of my guests were thrilled to have her available. We set up a station for her where she had privacy to talk to each guest individually. It was great! It really brought an element of intrigue to my event!

Carrie’s background is unique and brings a whole new aspect to healing. Her approach feels down to earth while simultaneously dialed in to our tech-heavy, modern world. She’s not afraid to approach healing and spirituality in new ways.
Carrie is a breath of fresh air! Her tarot readings are comfortable and enlightening. I left my reading feeling peaceful and spiritually connected not only to myself, but to the world around me.
IMG_2522 (1).JPG
Carrie helps you understand your inner conflict - even if you think you understand it, she will change the way you think of something and help you move forward in a productive and harmonious way.
My reading with Carrie was invaluable. Her insight, candor and raw talent were evident from the get-go and throughout the reading I had continuous “a-ha!” moments. She helped me narrow down some choices and clarify my path.
Carrie brings peace. Sitting with her and openly speaking about life was beyond refreshing. Her ability to connect brings wisdom and clarity to any situation.