Seeing Beyond Limitations

clearing energetic & emotional blocks
to find & achieve one's true LIfe purpose

Carrie Bancroft partners with other healers and teachers to lead workshops across the country on the topics of clearing blocks, creating true partnerships, and manifesting your dreams. Please contact Carrie if you are interested in a bringing her workshops to your area.


What People Are Saying About Carrie

Carrie is really ethical and authentic. She has a terrific sense of humor, puts people at ease with the process, and is a terrifically gifted teacher.
— Val (Client & Student)
Carrie is an excellent teacher who exemplifies the quality of patience. She is clear and has the capacity to the hold the attention of students for long periods of time. She is compassionate, focused, attentive, and does amazingly powerful healing work — I have less physical pain in my back and chest resulting from our healing work together.
— Dory Cote (Co-Teacher & Client)
Carrie is compassionate and helps others learn to be more compassionate. She understands what it’s like to be an empath in this chaotic world and she offers many techniques to help other empaths learn to manage their empathic gifts. She displays great poise in the work that she does. She maintains that poise even amidst what most would consider very stressful work such as depossession and curse unravelling.
— Joni (Client & Student)