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COST: $475


  • TBD

Learn the advanced shamanistic practices of Compassionate Depossession. This powerful healing workshop imparts tools and techniques to experienced practitioners looking to help clients suffering from illnesses and problems caused by possessing spirits. The practice of Compassionate Depossession, originally developed in Seattle by Betsy Bergstrom, is a gentle, effective spirit-release therapy that benefits both the client and the attached spirit being.

This training will teach the following to practitioners already trained in shamanism:

  1. What possession illness is, and how to diagnose it.
  2. How and why spirits come to possess the living.
  3. How to stay grounded and safe while working with possessing beings.
  4. How to treat spirits like clients.
  5. How to help a spirit detach from a material body and cross over into another realm.
  6. How to bring healing to the person with whom the spirit was cohabitating.

This is the class for you if you are a shamanic practitioner with clients who:

  • feel stuck and can't seem to move forward in their lives;
  • experience extensive "negative self talk";
  • are chronically ill or have persistent and otherwise untreatable health conditions;
  • are experiencing depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues;
  • have thoughts or feelings that do not feel like their own;
  • have suddenly developed new and destructive behavioral patterns (addictions, obsessions, compulsions).

PREREQUISITE: In-person Core Shamanism training. If you feel drawn to this course but do not have at least a year of core shamanism training, please contact us to discuss options.