• The Barn at Midcoast Maine Yoga (map)



COST: $375


  • TBD

Learn the advanced shamanistic practices of Curse Unraveling. This powerful healing workshop imparts tools and techniques to experienced practitioners looking to help clients having difficulty being in their personal power and suffer from untreatable ailments, illnesses, bad luck, financial woes, difficult relationships or destructive behavioral patterns. Carrie's Curse Unraveling teachings have origins in practices learned from shamanic practitioner Betsy Bergstrom, with an additional focus on past-life regression and wound healing.

This training will teach the following to practitioners already trained in shamanism:

  1. The components of a curse.
  2. The difference between a curse and a thoughtform.
  3. How to stay grounded and safe while unraveling curses.
  4. Multiple techniques for unraveling curses.
  5. What to do with spirits that are bound into curses.
  6. How to bring healing to the person who was suffering from the curse.

This is the class for you if you are a shamanic practitioner with clients who:

  • have recurring negative patterns that they can't seem to change;
  • feel "stuck" or victimized in aspects of their lives;
  • experience extensive financial problems, chronic health issues, or mysterious bouts of bad luck;
  • have difficulty finding a job, making money, or being in relationships;
  • feel isolated and alone, and have experienced friends "falling away" for no apparent reason;
  • are having trouble "finding their voice", identifying their life's purpose, or being in their personal power.

PREREQUISITE: Core Shamanism training. If you feel drawn to this course but do not have at least at year of core shamanism training, please contact Carrie to discuss options.